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Will your retirement be a great adventure or an arduous journey? Are you fully equipped for the journey? Do you have a guide? How will you decide on course corrections? 

On the 14th of May 1804 Lewis & Clark set out from Camp Wood in Illinois seeking a navigable route to the Pacific. Preparations included the study of medicine, weapons for hunting and protection, materials for trapping, mapping equipment, horses for travel and other supplies. Failure was not an option. On November 7, 1805, the expedition saw the Pacific for the first time. Was their journey arduous, dangerous, and perilous? Or was it the adventure of a lifetime?  

Profectus Financial Partners (PFP) acts as your retirement outfitter and trail guide.

An your retirement planning outfitter, we locate and provide the equipment necessary for a journey. Having made the journey hundreds of times, the best outfitters know what supplies are needed and where to get them. They know what tools are needed along the way. They know how to protect against what can go wrong. Even with the best preparation not everything can be anticipated but having a resourceful trail guide allows the journey to be enjoyed. 

As your retirement planning trail guide, we are there to help when surprises occur. How do you best use the tools that you are equipped with? How do you resupply along the way as conditions on the trail change? A trail guide uses the experience that only comes from repetition to navigate the trickier parts of the journey. A trail guide is there for safe passage. 

PFP seeks to let you maximize the enjoyment of the wealth you have created. That might be travel. That might be charitable work. That might be educating your kids and grandkids. Whatever that is for you - that's what success will mean for us. In fact, Profectus is Latin for success or growth. This is what we want for the families we serve. 

Will you have a great adventure or an arduous journey? Let us create a great adventure for your retirement.