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Even when you are not on the doorstep of retirement, it can still dominate your financial thoughts. While working with families and young professionals our objectives are clear - close any gaps that exist in today's plan while ensuring that anything put in place today also serves your tomorrow's. PFP always keeps in mind the arc of your life both now and into your future.

The families and professionals that we work with at PFP desire to live into a future that is bigger than their past. They want to make an impact on their families, their communities, their professional field, and all they come in contact with. We use the financial planning process to help them live out their American Dream.

The team at Profectus Financial Partners will take on that challenge for you, and restore confidence in your financial life.

Our family and individual planning solutions are customized and include:

At Profectus, we think of ourselves as personal CFOs. This mindset has us bring order and structure to your personal finances and provides a framework through which you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

There is a preferred order of operations when it comes to positioning our clients for success. We follow the below initial process for all new clients. 

       Step One: Protect your todays, before we plan for your tomorrows
       Step Two: Become a world-class saver
       Step Three: Establish a life event fund
       Step Four: Establish a plan to mitigate short term debt

Once we’ve helped position you for success by building a strong foundation, we’ll design customized solutions to improve the probability that you achieve your goals. As a successful professional or family, you are often exposed to compelling opportunities. Our commitment is to position you to be able to say “yes” to more opportunities. 

World Class saver is a Person who saves at least 15 to 20% of gross income.