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Pre-Retirees & Retirees

How We Work

Let’s be honest – retirement is equal parts exciting and scary. We love the independence, the freedom of schedule, as well as the availability of time to pursue personal hobbies and goals that we have put off for too long. However, there’s plenty to worry about. Market fluctuations, inflation, taxes, the loss of a spouse, health care costs, and planning mistakes are all real risks that can impact our ability to enjoy a successful retirement.  Furthermore, each of these are more likely to impact you the longer you live.

So, what should we do?

At Profectus Financial Partners, we aim to prepare clients for a successful and secure retirement. Clients are brought through a time-tested process that has been rigorously tested by leading researchers in the field.  We will discover what a “successful retirement” means for each client and then map out a strategy using their available income sources and assets.

We seek to provide balance between three competing priorities:

  1. Enjoying the retirement “Go-Go” years when you are young and healthy.
  2. Ensuring that clients don’t outlive their assets by hedging against longevity risk.
  3. Providing the legacy to beneficiaries and charitable interests that clients desire.

Possessing a thoughtfully and thoroughly constructed retirement game-plan can bring confidence, clarity, and enjoyment to the retirement journey.

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