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Profectus Financial Partners believes that our clients are the true creators of "wealth."   To help our clients create wealth, we serve as Financial Coaches and Financial Planners.

Our role, as Financial Coaches, is assist you in discovering your true purpose for money and to bring clarity to the gap between your "default future" and your "intentional future."   

  • What are the most important things about money for you?
  • What were/are the principles you live by that helped you create this wealth?
  • What principles do you seek to instill/promote as you use your wealth to impact those who impacted/inspired you?
  • What do you want your living legacy to be?  What's left to be accomplished in order for this to be true?

Our role, as fee-based Financial Planners, is to design the customized financial plan that seeks to improve the odds that you accomplish your objectives, while honoring your true purpose for money and closing the gap between your default future and your intentional future.    

To assist our clients in doing this, we will help you build a team of professionals that are committed to our same objective.

Attorneys That Specialize In:

Corporate Law

Estate Planning

Securities Law

Special Needs Trusts

Tax Law

Mergers & Acquisitions

CPAs That Specialize In:

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

International Tax

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Professionals

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