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13 March
OMG! Global Economic Armageddon!


Dori Tucker


Darren Violette


"There's never a good time to panic!"

Have you ever watched the news and been concerned for your portfolio? Have you ever assumed that the political election outcome would either help or hurt your portfolio? What do you think happens to portfolio returns as taxes go up...or go down? Join us for this one hour webinar where we will investigate how markets have performed during Republican or Democratic control of Presidencies, the House and Senate, during times of various tax rates and during major world events. 

Ultimately, you will leave this webinar with complete permission to turn of BOTH Fox and CNN. They can't tell you anything meaningful about your portfolio returns. You should have confidence in your long term investing approach regardless of the latest headlines. Wealth management should lead to peace, contentment and fulfillment rather than stress and fear.  

Register for this quarter's webinar here and you will be emailed the log on information required to attend this live event. 

Date and Time

Wed, Mar 13, 2019

7:00p - 8:00p EST




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