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Fee-Based Financial Planning

Profectus Financial Partners offers unbiased and holistic financial planning services for a fee.  As fiduciaries, we put our client's interests above our own.  The PFP planning process is comprised of three distinct phases.

  • Profectus Personalized Plan
    • We create a custom and holistic financial plan to help clients improve the odds that they will achieve a desired outcome under most foreseeable circumstances.
  • Profectus Pathways
    • We will work with clients to co-create an implementation timeline for each recommendation of the Profectus Financial Plan. 
  • Profectus Perspicuity
    • Perspicuity is a little used word that means clarity. Financial Planning shouldn't be considered a one-time event.  Annual planning improves one's understanding/clarity, improves the odds of staying on track, and improves the odds of achieving a desired outcome. 

Wealth Management Planning

If investing were easy, anyone would be able to make a killing on the stock market. But it’s not. Doing it right takes plenty of hard work and discipline. Not to mention a thorough understanding of investing principles and financial markets. Which is precisely what we bring to bear when we help you come up with an sound investment strategy.

Retirement Income Planning

Only 23% of workers say they’re very confident about saving enough for a comfortable retirement.* Our job is to make sure you’re one of them. We’ll help you understand how much you should be saving, how you should be investing and what you might expect to have when you’re ready to stop working. Because the best way to find your way to a successful retirement, is to make sure your eyes are wide open.

Insurance Planning

Let’s be honest. There are lots of insurance products out there. But, chances are, most of them aren’t right for you. When you sit down with us, we’ll make sure you understand how different types of insurance policies work, how much they cost and why (or why not) they may fit your needs. With no hard sells or complicated jargon. We promise.

Are you ready?

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