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Profectus Planning Process

Fee-Based Financial Planning

Profectus Financial Partners offers unbiased and holistic financial planning services for a fee.  As fiduciaries, we put our client's interests above our own.  The PFP planning process is comprised of three distinct phases.

  1. Profectus Personalized Plan
    1. We create a custom and holistic financial plan to help clients improve the odds that they will achieve a desired outcome under most foreseeable circumstances.
  2. Profectus Pathways
    1. We will work with clients to co-create an implementation timeline for each recommendation of the Profectus Financial Plan. (Exhibit: Profectus Pathways Sample)
  3. Profectus Perspicuity
    1. Financial Planning shouldn't be considered a one-time event.  Annual planning improves one's understanding/clarity, improves the odds of staying on track, and improves the odds of achieving a desired outcome.  Clients that choose to engage PFP for annual/recurring financial planning may be eligible to receive a discount from the initial financial planning fee.   

Are you ready?

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