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Mind Over Money (TM)

Although often considered on a standalone basis, investment advice/wealth management should be carefully coordinated as part of a holistic plan.  Choosing the right investment advisor and investment approach is a crucial factor in achieving investing success. 

Before we engage in any individual discussion around portfolio design and/or wealth management, we use a web based platform to introduce prospective wealth management clients to our investment philosophy & the approach we utilize as investment advisors and financial coaches.  We also believe that we, as investors, should acknowledge the impact investor behavior can have on long term investment success/failure.  By reaching an agreement on these important factors prior to engaging us as investment advisors, we increase the likelihood of a long lasting, successful, and enjoyable client-advisor relationship.

To register for Mind Over Money(TM), please complete the below form and a member of our team will send you a link (via email) so that you may view a simulated-live version of our Mind Over Money(TM) webinar.   Should you concur with our investment approach and wish to discuss your specific investment objectives, please schedule a "wealth management" discussion with our firm.  

Please note that registration is required in order to view the webinar.

* Mind Over Money is a trademark of Matson Money, Inc. ™ 2007-2016.  All investing involves risks and costs. No investment strategy can ensure peace of mind, assure profit or protect against loss..