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Each of you is willing to put our safety above your own. Whether it is risking yourself to rescue us from a fire or accident or whether it is entering a volatile situation where lives might be at risk, you serve your communities at the expense of your own wellbeing. And we appreciate you. This is why we serve you.

PFP has chosen to build out financial programs that are specific to our first responders because saying "thank you" is not enough. If we can serve those who serve us in a way that we work to better protect your families, better maximizes the benefits of your pensions, better situates you to enjoy your retirement then we have just begun to repay the debt we have for your service. Our desire is that each of your families has profectus (Latin for success) in your professional lives, but also in your financial lives. 

Your situations are different than those who work in the private sector. Your Social Security benefits are different, your retirement age tends to be younger, and much of your wealth tends to be integrated into your pension benefits. The planning changes due to these particulars. We understand. We've worked with hundreds of families and know the nuances that your planning entails. 

Remember how uncertain you were during those first days at the academy? How stressful each situation was? How every decision was complicated? Your financial planning can feel that way too when you start. Yet PFP wants to be like that leader at the academy that slowed everything down for you, that walked you through your approaches, and equipped you for every encounter you would face on the department. You'll find it is not so confusing or complicated after all. You'll find that we break each area down into understandable and manageable conversations so you can make the best financial decisions for your family.

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