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Doesn’t it seem that every investment manager has a different story and that when you listen to that story it sounds convincing? How do we know which one is right? We work with our investors to answer The 20 Must Answer Questions so that they have the knowledge to reject false investing premises that are spouted daily from marketing departments and talking heads on financial television. The team at Profectus Financial Partners operates under the conviction that returns come from the market and NOT the manager. We don’t have a story; we have a philosophy that we can stick with during good times and bad.

We refute the validity of stock picking, market timing, and track record investing. Non-biased, evidence-based research has consistently concluded these methodologies raise costs, reduce tax efficiency, and often prove to lower the return expectations on a portfolio. Following the portfolio construction methods of multiple Nobel Laureate winners in the field of Economics, we seek to extract the returns that the market provides by owning a globally-diversified portfolio of 25 distinct asset classes. Whatever your risk tolerance, we will follow Three Rules of Investing to build a portfolio that will match your investment horizon and investment objectives.

In addition to our role as an investment advisor, we also serve as financial coaches for our clients. We will seek to help our clients understand and improve upon what can be the most impactful variable in achieving investing success…..investor behavior. The Dalbar Study evidences a gap between market performance and investor performance.  We refer to this as the investment behavior gap. Our investor education series provides ongoing quarterly webinars that are designed to increase client knowledge, increase client confidence, and to coach clients towards improved investing habits to eliminate their behavior gap. These quarterly sessions alternate between the following categories.

Behavioral / Psychological

What money biases do we have? How do you avoid making emotional decisions regarding your wealth? What is our true purpose with our money? etc.

Technical / Structural

How the portfolio is built? Why does the portfolio include/exclude specific asset classes? How do we enhance tax efficiency of a portfolio? etc.

Step 1: Register for & view our Mind Over Money simulated-live webinar.

Step 2: Download and complete the 20 Must Answer Questions.

Step 3: Schedule a portfolio MRI with one of Five Star* award winning professionals at Profectus Financial Partners to help you achieve investing success.  Please provide the 20 Must Answer Questions and a recent account statement for each of your investment accounts.  The account statements will be used to perform the portfolio MRI. 

Step 4: Register and attend each of the Quarterly Investor Education series webinars. 

*This award is not issued or endorsed by Guardian or its subsidiaries.